What You Need to Know About Nitric Oxide and Your Skin


Nitric Oxide and Your Skin

Nitric Oxide, CBD, Vitamin C & E — NINJA Warriors for the Skin

No matter our age, we all worry about wrinkles and fine lines. We all worry about hydrating our skin. We want to reverse the damage we did in our 20’s getting the perfect tan. But, HOW do we do that?

If you are like me, you want to buy the best product for your skin, especially your face. Do you go to the mall? Do you buy something online? There are so many choices and so many ingredients. How do you choose the best product that will give you the most bang for your buck?

Well first, educate yourself. What actually causes damage to your skin? What products are often recommended for skin repair? Also, who are some new players in the market?

Nitric Oxide – What is It?

We all know the sun damages our skin. Smoking cigarettes and excessive alcohol also damage the skin. But, did you know as you age, your body loses essential molecules necessary for the health of your skin? Nitric Oxide is a molecule produced by every cell of your body and is critical to your skin and circulation. Nitric Oxide communicates with your blood vessels, directing oxygen and nutrient delivery to your cells. As you age, Nitric Oxide levels drop significantly, causing wrinkles, skin dehydration, and skin discoloration.

Wait, can I stop the loss of this molecule? Although you can’t stop the loss of Nitric Oxide, topical supplementation can help you restore the health of your skin. Supplementation can restore cellular health and protect your skin from dangerous toxins and pathogens. Nourishing your skin with Nitric Oxide can rev-up oxygen circulation giving you softer skin and a more balanced tone.


Scientists around the world continue to discover the many benefits of Cannabinoids or CBD. CBD proves successful in treating ailments and inflammatory issues throughout the body. Scientists are realizing CBD is a major defender in protecting and healing the skin. Did you know that our gastrointestinal tract AND our skin both have their own Endocannabinoid System (ECS)? The ECS controls the cannabinoid receptor sites uptake of CBD. This aids in our body’s immune response to fight inflammation. Research recognizes CBD as a superhero in fighting inflammatory diseases such as premature aging. Cannabinoid therapies all over the world have shown the antioxidant properties of CBD are possibly more powerful than Vitamin C and E! In fact, the therapeutic possibilities of CBD are so amazing, the US Government created Patent 1999/008769 for the “neuroprotectant and antioxidant properties of cannabinoids.”


Vitamin C and E Revitalize Your Skin

Vitamin C & E – the Original Superheroes

Vitamin C and E are powerful tools for protecting your skin. Both are the most commonly used antioxidants in lotions and serums due to their success in preventing premature aging. Vitamin C and E fight the criminals on your behalf – free-radicals, harmful UV rays, pollutants in the air and the soil. These criminals cause damage to your skin. The powerful antioxidants partner up and fight for your skin’s longevity and health.

NOX™ — All the Warriors Together

When you pair Nitric Oxide, CBD, Vitamin C, and E together what do you get? NINJA warriors warding off damaging free-radicals with their super antioxidant powers. The NINJA warriors also provide a protective barrier from environmental toxins.

If you want these NINJA warriors for your face Full Spectrum Hemp NOX™ is a game-changer for your skin. Combining all of these ingredients together to bring life to your face.

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